Take The Lead is made up of a small group of passionate individuals who strive to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people by building on trust, respect, and play.

We believe in our methods, in ourselves, and in you! We live for getting out and sharing our passion and experience with people and their pet dogs. We can’t wait to meet you!


Angela Shields

Owner, Certified Master Trainer
Dogsafe Authorized Instructor

Angie has been training dogs since 2005 and has followed her passion all over the globe! From Police Service K9s in the Middle East to companion dogs just like yours, Angie has a wealth of experience to offer.

Angie is “Mom” to her beloved rescue beauceron mix Oakley, and her Narcotics and Explosives Detection Dogs who partner with her in regular searches across Canada.


Melanie Shields

Photographer & Field Assistant

Melanie graciously volunteers her time and skill during many of Angie’s hikes and training sessions.

With camera in hand and an infectious good attitude, Melanie is a true asset to the Take The Lead team!

Oakley pup 4

Mister Oakley

Human Whisperer & Assistant Trainer

“Oh hey! I’m Oakley. My Mom adopted me when I was just 1 year old. She’s always saying she wouldn’t be half the trainer she is if it weren’t for me – too bad she doesn’t feed me as many treats as compliments, ya know?!

Anyway, I love my job and I can’t wait to meet you and your humans! Woof!”